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Private Kitchen Booking

The number of Adults* The number of Kids (RM50)* Main dishes * ————– Select ————–Kimchi stew(김치찜)Jjimdak (찜닭)Braised Spicy Chicken(닭볶음탕)Stir-fried spicy spring onion(대파제육볶음)Bean sprout bulgogi(콩나물불고기)Beef bulgogi(소불고기) Sub dishes * ————– Select ————–soy bean paste soup(된장찌개)Seaweed soup(미역국)Soft tofu stew(순두부찌개)hot spicy meat stew(육개장)Japchae Rice Bowl(잡채덮밥)Jjajangbap(짜장밥)Beef Curry Bowl(소고기카레덮밥)Egg Fried Rice(계란볶음밥)eggplant rice(가지밥)Anchovy rice with soybean paste(멸치강된장덮밥)Grilled Egg Curry Bowl(구운달걀카레덮밥 Add […]

Makgeolli class on Saturday

1st lessonSteamed rice and make porridge and mixed with Nuruk(Korean traditional yeast)Taste of Makgeolli(already made) and have a Korean meal. 2nd lesson (After 1 week)Filter it out to the bottleDrink Makgeolli and Korean PancakeTake a Makgeolli that you made to the home On-site payment.