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Private Kitchen Booking


Kimchi stew(김치찜)
Jjimdak (찜닭)
Braised Spicy Chicken(닭볶음탕)
Stir-fried spicy spring onion(대파제육볶음)
Bean sprout bulgogi(콩나물불고기)
Beef bulgogi(소불고기)

soy bean paste soup(된장찌개)
Seaweed soup(미역국)
Soft tofu stew(순두부찌개)
hot spicy meat stew(육개장)
Japchae Rice Bowl(잡채덮밥)
Beef Curry Bowl(소고기카레덮밥)
Egg Fried Rice(계란볶음밥)
eggplant rice(가지밥)
Anchovy rice with soybean paste(멸치강된장덮밥)
Grilled Egg Curry Bowl(구운달걀카레덮밥

Jjajang Tteokbokki(짜장떡볶이)
Market Tteokbokki(시장떡볶이)
Soup Tteokbokki(국물떡볶이)
Chinese beef noodle(중화제육면)
Anchovy Noodles(멸치국수)
Spicy Seafood Noodles(짬뽕라면)

Seafood green onion pancake(해물파전)
Chives pancake(부추전)
Kimchi pancake(김치전)

Sikhye (식혜)
Sujeonggwa (수정과)
Jujube tea (대추차)
Plum tea (매실차)
Red vinegar (홍초)

  • Drinks served vary depending on the situation.
  • A separate inquiry for handmade makgeolli(Korean rice wine).

Private Kitchen Booking

I have started making Korean food because I missed my mother's foods Also, my family loves real Korean food, but there are few delicious restaurants in Malaysia. Koreans make Korean home food. Now enjoy it with your family and friends.

Location : Tropicana Golf & Resort, Petaling Jaya

Including : Main dish, Sub dish, and drink
RM 80 per Adult / RM 50 per Kids
Please pay before 2-3 days.

To make a reservation

The number of Adults*
The number of Kids (RM50)
Main dishes *
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Add Sub dishes (+RM100)
The amount of food doesn't add, but the type of food adds.
Add Side dishes (+RM50 per food/3-4servings)
Add pancake (+RM120 per food/5~6pancakes)
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