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Makgeolli class on Saturday

Makgeolli class on Saturday

Why don’t you make Makgeolli, a Korean traditional rice wine?
You can make it easy even for strangers through modern methods with Min.
Also, we’ll make a Korean pancake that is suitable for Makgeolli and eat them together. Make your own Makgeolli by yourself!

Location : Tropicana Golf & Resort, Petaling Jaya

RM250(Include 2 lessons)
Please pay before 2-3 days.
Capacity : 7 pax
Date : Saturday Morning
Time : 10:00~12:30 pm
Including : Two times classes, Bring the Makgeolli 1L that you made, and Korean rice wine, meal, and pancake
Ingredients : Glutinous rice 1L, Nuruk (Korean traditional yeast) 100ml, Water 1L, Instant yeast 3g
Class composition :
  • 1st lesson
    Steamed rice and make porridge and mixed with Nuruk(Korean traditional yeast)
    Taste of Makgeolli(already made) and have a Korean meal.
  • 2nd lesson (After 1 week)
    Filter it out to the bottle
    Drink Makgeolli and Korean Pancake
    Take a Makgeolli that you made to the home
  • On-site payment.

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